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Thursday, 6 August 2015

How to love your own company

Alone, happy, companyRight now, I'm home alone and distracted with writing my blog. As my husband runs his own business, invariably this involves long hours (including weekends) and as my daughters have left home, getting used to an empty house has taken some time to fathom. While spending time with friends and family is a wonderful thing, there are times when secretly, I crave to be alone. As a writer, I'm no stranger to solitude. For me, this is a chance for joy and self-discovery.

Here are my suggestions for making the most of your own company.

Go to the cinema
It may have taken a while to get around to trying this, but I was so happy when I did. Subtract the discussions over what film you're going to watch and which variety of popcorn you plan to munch on, and despite the shocked looks from fellow cinema-goers, it has its merits. I sniffled quite happily through The Fault In Our Stars and felt no embarrassment on leaving the cinema as it was unlikely I'd see any of the audience again. A lovely way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Go a little crazy
As a mum it's easy to lose sense of your own preferences as you sacrifice so much of your time (and sanity) for loved ones. From watching hilarious cat videos on YouTube, to digging out ancient CDs and singing at the top of your voice, or trying on clothes you haven't worn in ages - the options for being creative are limited only by imagination. And for the record, knowing that there's no one around to judge you is really rather liberating. 

Dine alone
Having been guilty of feeling pity for anyone I'd spied dining on their own, this one was a real eye-opener for me. I'd maybe recommend starting out with lunch and taking a magazine to read and when you're feeling braver... people watch, take your time and order whatever you want from the menu. As someone who's blessed with a very sweet tooth, lunch is sometimes cheesecake or a piece of pie! As my husband isn't a huge fan of Italian food, when he's not home, that's exactly where I go for dinner. What's not to love?!

Set targets
When you work from home it can be easy to keep going as the hours and minutes disappear all too quickly. But I've learnt that I work best when I set targets along with time restrictions. I also write a daily 'To do list' and factor in time off for good behaviour. It's easy to think that you have all the time in the world to finish a project when you're working from home and alone, but without focus, entire days can vanish along with any chance of enjoying some downtime.

Time in the great outdoors
Any chance to go outside and I'll take it. And whatever the weather, this is something I do every single day. At this time of year I love to take my coffee (or lunch) out into the garden in the hope that the sun will shine for at least a few minutes. If it's raining I might walk into town and go to the library, or browse in a couple of local shops. If I've more time to spare, I'll walk for several hours in the forest. I always come home again feeling refreshed.

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