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Friday, 12 June 2015

My Ultimate Bucket List

Earlier this week I was tagged by Suzanne over at Chicken Ruby, to share my ultimate bucket list. This may have been trickier than I imagined - but it's been a fun post to write and has really made me think.

As youngest daughter, Sophia left this morning to spend three months in the US, I realised that she'll get to do many of the things on her own bucket list this summer. Suzanne's tag provided the ideal opportunity to come up with a list of my own. Maybe I'll even get to tick off two or three while Sophia's away...

Here goes... 

1. Learn to play the saxophone
2. Ride Route 66 on a Harley Davidson
3. Grow old disgracefully
4. Move to Cornwall
5. Live in a penthouse apartment overlooking the sea
6. Find time to read every day
7. Visit New York with my daughters for my 50th birthday
8. See Enrique Iglesias in concert
9. Mentor lots more teens for the charity I volunteer for
10. Not have to work for a living and volunteer full-time instead
11. Feel energised when I crawl out of bed in the morning
12. Spend Christmas away from home
13. Visit the Scilly Isles
14. Learn to walk in heels
15. Own a pair of Laboutins
16. Shop at Selfridges and The White Company (without feeling guilty)
17. See the Northern Lights
18. Meet more of my fellow bloggers in person
19. Spend time at the beach every day
20. Go to a festival
21. See both daughters graduate from university
22. Watch my girls turn into awesome young ladies
23. Visit Canada
24. Write for one of the glossy magazines
25. Have an unlimited supply of energy
26. Go wine tasting at a vineyard
27. Take the girls to Walt Disney World in Orlando one last time
28. Meet Harper Lee
29. Learn to play classical guitar
30. Hug my grandchildren and tell them all about my daughters when they were little
31. Have naturally straight hair
32. Study for a degree in English Literature
33. Visit California
34. Be happy (most of the time)
35. Love every item of clothing I own
36. Take afternoon tea at The Ritz
37. Visit Rome and Sorrento
38. Spend more time with good friends
39. Take a helicopter flight
40. Declutter the house (and have it stay that way)
41. Find an hour every day that's just for me
42. Visit Stonehenge
43. Drink lots of cocktails in exotic locations
44. See Aerosmith in concert
45. Write a best-selling novel
46. Learn to meditate
47. Visit New Zealand
48. Replace the diamond in my engagement ring (I lost it last year)
49. Go on holiday with my sister
50. Explore Cape Cod with Mr A and stay at the gorgeous B&B we spied in Plymouth during a previous trip (it would help if we could remember the name).

Many thanks to Suzanne for the tag. It's been a therapeutic post to write on a day when I've driven to Heathrow (and back), been up since midnight and am feeling a little out of sorts knowing that both daughters will be away for the entire summer. I know that they'll have a fabulous time and that makes me happy - even though I'll miss them a lot.

And I'm tagging these three lovely ladies as I'm certain their bucket lists will be inspired....

Anya from Older Single Mum
Helen from Actually Mummy
Heledd from Running in Lavender

Until next time... 

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