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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

The Cute Little Note

Daughter, Motivational smilesBefore Christmas I was having a sort out in Sophia's bedroom. I needed to retrieve all of the presents I'd stashed there to make room for my daughter to create chaos of her own when she arrived home from uni.

There were several gifts hidden in Sophia's blanket box, the one that housed toys not so very long ago and is now a bit like the room of requirement from Harry Potter - providing storage space for any family member who needs it. On removing the final present, I spied a tatty Wells Fargo envelope with my daughter's handwriting on it at the bottom of the box.

It read something like this...

Daughter, directions, Charmed House
733 to Downtown Union Station
Get off at Venice Broadway (23 stops)
Walk to Broadway/ Venice (4756)
Bus 4 Sunset stop/ Marion 14th
Turn left at Marion Avenue
Bellevue Avenue
Right onto Edgeware Road
Turn left at Carroll

At the end of her scribbled instructions she'd drawn herself a smile...

Chatting to her later that day I asked where she'd been with the carefully itemised directions.

She's been a fan of the series Charmed for years and had wanted to see the house where it was filmed. Both daughters watched the series from a relatively young age, perhaps before they should have done and continue to watch it to this day. Imagine Sophia's dismay to learn that the house wasn't actually located in San Francisco where the series was based, but instead, outside of Downtown LA in a beautiful neighbourhood.

After a lengthy trip on several buses, she eventually found the house and discovered that it was undergoing repairs - the exterior covered with ladders. That did not matter in the slightest to my daughter. She had seen The Charmed House and that was all that mattered.

Never underestimate the power of a daughter - she will find a way to achieve something even if it's a long way from home, requires some careful planning using free Wi-Fi and a very long bus trip.

Sophia's already been placed for Camp America next summer. Nothing could make her happier and as soon as she finishes her final year at uni, my daughter will be leaving home again. 

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Monday, 3 August 2015

Suitcase Secrets

Suitcase secrets, Summer 2015, HolidaysSummer has to be my favourite season of the year. I dream of lazy days filled with sunshine, exploring the great British countryside and venturing further afield for holidays abroad. Does anything beat the simple pleasure of time at the beach I wonder? And isn't everything just so much lovelier when the sun's out? With the summer holidays well and truly upon us, I thought I'd share some of my holiday favourites and tips...

My next holiday is... currently being planned. We're thinking Mexico for two weeks of sightseeing, sun and cocktails.

The passport stamp I love most is... the Seychelles. It's where I married my husband back in 1992.

I'd always go back to... Boston and Cape Cod. I don't think I'd ever run out of things to see and do.

My favourite holiday memory is... a fabulous day in Boston. We walked the Freedom Trail, ate dinner at the Solas Irish Pub and watched the sunset from the Skywalk Observatory.

After checking in at the airport you'll find me... nursing a large cup of coffee, devouring a piece of cake and starting to unwind.

I never step on a plane without... Coconut Lip Butter from The Body Shop, Verbena Cooling Hand Cream Gel from L'Occitane and a bottle of water.

In my suitcase, you'll find... Birkenstocks, Boden bikinis and maxi dresses from Fat Face and White Company.

My dream trip would be... Italy. I'd love to explore Rome and Sorrento.

My top packing tip is... Roll, don't fold your clothes - they arrive a lot less crumpled that way.
I never go on holiday without... sunglasses, my iPod and a pile of books.

My recommended holiday read for this year is... Us by David Nicholls - hilarious, filled with one-liners and perfect for anyone who's been in a relationship for a while. You can read my review here if you wish.
If you're reading this post and want to join in... then feel free to borrow the idea for your own blog. Don't forget to send me the link as I'd love to read your post. And whatever you're up to this summer, I hope that you have a fabulous time x

Copyright©2015 Izzie Anderton

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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Bon Voyage

Bon VoyageWe're awake a little after midnight and heading down the M40 in no time at all. I'm not convinced of the merits of a couple of hours sleep, but I may have dozed a little, (unlike my daughter) and keep reminding myself that I have work to do once I arrive home.

Sophia bumps into a friend from university at Beaconsfield services which is slightly surreal at 4 am on a Friday morning, but they compare notes and fond farewells before we rejoin the motorway and head towards the M25. We arrive at Terminal 2, Heathrow and Sophia spies several Camp America T-shirt clad teens and twenty-somethings. They're all travelling to different US cities, but stick together anyway and talk of plans for the next three months. I guess this is how the summer will unfurl - they'll get used to talking to new friends with shared interests and support each other throughout. 

I have no idea how you're supposed to feel saying goodbye to your daughter for three months - but there's excitement mingled with apprehension. I hope that Sophia will stay safe, be happy and have a summer filled with adventure. When you head home with your newborn baby - you never imagine that someday she'll grow up and go exploring all by herself. Our children are not ours to keep however, and I have to remind myself that Camp America will be the first of many adventures.

After check-in, Sophia delivers a final hug and heads off to departures with new friends. The group have waited for everyone to get through check-in before leaving en masse, which is sweet. One hug is not enough with my daughter, but I manage to restrain myself, 'Have a great summer,' I say, but she's already gone and just like her first day at school, she doesn't look back.

We return to the car and leave the airport. Stopping for a crazy-early breakfast at a service station and arriving home again in time to start work. Who needs sleep?

Sophia has two flights, the first to Chicago, the second to Portland in Oregon. I check the flight status several times during the day and hope that my daughter is sleeping; by the time she arrives at camp she'll have been up for almost 48 hours. Why is it that she's never mastered the art of sleep before flying anywhere in the world? She's been the same ever since she was a toddler - this has always driven me slightly mad.

At time of writing I still haven't heard from my daughter... I'd been warned that the chances of finding a signal in the middle of the woods in Oregon was almost zero. This doesn't make it any easier. The eight hour time difference doesn't help. I've gone old school and written her a letter that will take between five and seven days to arrive. If all goes to plan she'll head into the nearest town at the weekend and find an Internet cafe - maybe we'll even get to Skype. I guess she's busy having fun and making new friends, which is exactly how it should be.

For now, it's just me, the cat and Mr A for the summer. I plan on borrowing my nephew for a few days as the house seems too quiet and the cat's already cross with me for scooping her up and extracting too many hugs.

Until next time...

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