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Saturday, 2 July 2016

12 Simple Ideas For Making the Most of Summer

Aloha, Summer 2016I'm all for making the most of lazy days and spending time in the great outdoors during the summer months. As both daughters finish university, there are plans to spend as much time as possible with daughter, Olivia, while Sophia leaves to work in the US until September. I am hoping that this summer will be a fabulous one despite missing Sophia a lot.

According to George Gershwin... 'Summertime, and the livin is easy...' epitomises everything that summer should be. A time for kicking back and taking time out to enjoy simple pleasures and exploring the great British countryside.

Here's my essential checklist for summer 2016...

1. Download a playlist that's filled with fabulous summer memories and perfect for warm summer days...

Sunglasses, summer, playlist

2. Go for a really long walk and return home only after a leisurely lunch outside the pub...

Pub lunch, summer, outdoors

3. Make the most of sunny days and warmer weather to attend local sporting events...

Regatta, summer

4. Take an early morning walk and try to spot some wildlife...

Early morning, walks, wildlife

5. Take a trip to the beach and dip your toes in the sea (or maybe wade in a little further if you're feeling brave!).

Beach, paddle, toes

6. Make S'mores on the barbecue...

S'mores, barbecue, marshmallows

How to make...
  • Take 2 biscuits (digestives and cookies both work well) but I prefer Graham Crackers (which aren't easy to find in the UK).
  • Place a square of chocolate onto each of the biscuits (Hershey's is used traditionally, but any chocolate works well).
  • Skewer a marshmallow and hold it carefully over the flames of the barbecue while rotating so that it cooks evenly. This is cooked when golden-brown in colour.
  • Place the marshmallow on top of the chocolate without removing the skewer. 
  • Place the remaining chocolate and biscuit on top of the cooked marshmallow.
  • Press down slightly so that the hot marshmallow melts the chocolate and sticks the s'more together.
  • Remove the skewer and wait a few seconds before eating.  

7. Drink hot chocolate under the stars (and wrap up in a blanket when the temperature start to fall).

Hot chocolate, night sky

8. Make a daisy chain and give it to someone you love...


9. Go strawberry picking and spend the rest of the day enjoying a bowl or two and maybe enjoy a jug of Pimms :o)

Strawberry picking

10. Spend time watching the clouds and make pictures out of the formations...

Cloud watching

11. Make a picnic and head off for a day filled with adventure. Why not make an alternative selection of sandwiches such as Peanut butter, banana and honey?

Picnic, adventure, outdoors

12. Enjoy those great summer book releases and read outside in the sunshine...

Book, summer, reading outside

Here's to making the most of summer and hoping that the great British weather is glorious in 2016.

Are there any more you'd add to the list?

Copyright ©2016 Izzie Anderton

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Nom Nom Nom...

So this is what we were up to on Sunday... the Food Festival at Gloucester Quays. Currently in its fourth year, the festival features cooking demos, celebrity chefs, cookery fun for kids, a wide range of stalls, (food, drink, crafts) and live music. We arrive around lunchtime and our timing couldn't be more perfect. There's a vast array of foods sizzling, chilling and tantalisingly tempting us at every turn. I have just the one question though... what the heck do you try first?   

I have a feeling that these pictures reflect my passion for all things sweet and anything alcoholic and refreshing on a hot summer's day. Check out these scrummy strawberries and cream...

And beer from the Gloucester Brewery...

Lots of tea and cake...

And mint choc chip ice-cream from this super-cute camper van. Lots of equally scrumptious flavours were also available.

Loving the bar on a bus. Such a fabulous idea. I only wish this stopped outside my house.

There were also gourmet burgers, crepes, pizzas, Thai food, plus lots of other scrumptious dishes and snacks to buy. And it may have been oh so packed, but everyone seemed to be making the most of the great British summer and having a lovely time.

Sadly, I didn't run into James Martin (BBC1 Saturday Kitchen). I'm so hoping he'll be there next year though.

Here's to starting the diet all over again just as soon as I arrive home.

Until next time...

Copyright©2014 Izzie Anderton
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