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Monday, 28 March 2016

Sooty, Storm Katie and Sleep Deprivation

SootyIt's been mayhem in the Anderton household since Friday. Actually, Friday evening wasn't too bad. Mr A and myself escaped to a local Indian restaurant and went to comedy night with friends, leaving the girls home alone. This was pre-arranged before dates were discussed for the girls' return from uni. I may have had one too many glasses of wine and wondered why, when I'd gone out a few weeks ago and only managed a packet of crisps for dinner, I felt more human than I did when I arrived home this Friday.
Having lost her voice completely since she came back, I resorted to calling Olivia, 'Sooty' at the weekend. She's had to tap people on the shoulder before whispering what ever she needed to convey. Yesterday's family lunch for 8 was hilarious as she persuaded her sister to order her meal and answering questions was a bit like Chinese whispers.

Later that afternoon, I watched The Boat Race with daughter, Sophia, who's a keen rower, Olivia meanwhile, decided to take a bath. She was in there for so long, that after an hour I went upstairs to check she was OK. Sophia poked her head out of the lounge and shouted, 'Had you better check she's alright?'

'Well I would ask,' I said, 'but she's lost her voice.' In the end, I asked Olivia to tap the side of the bath if she was OK. She was fine.

After watching the final episode of The Night Manager, last night's sleep was filled with nightmares as Storm Katie passed by and rain lashed the windows. I woke up several times fearing the worst for our leaky roof. Tonight, there will be no wine, or nightmare-inducing TV - instead I'll watch a cartoon before bed and have a hot milky drink.

It's now Monday and both daughters have escaped from the house and gone for a walk; out into a day that's threatening rain and blowing a gale. One has my walking boots, the other borrowed a coat. 'Mum, would you mind locking the door?' This is daughter-speak for the house keys are still at uni somewhere. Maybe? Who knows?

'No,' I said, 'I don't mind at all.' Grateful thoughts filling my head at the possibility of a couple of hours peace after a sleep-deprived night.

'You look just like the cat when she's about to do something mischievous,' said Sophia as I appeared at the front door.

'Really?' I said, taken aback that she might suggest such a thing. I struggled for a second, to come up with a suitable response.

'I was just thinking you've asked me to lock the door, but there was no mention of letting you back in.' I said with a smirk, before adding, 'Only kidding. Love you.'

Later I may go out for a walk, but not until the girls are home obviously, as they won't be able to get back in the house if I'm not here.

You'll be pleased to hear that 'Sooty' has made a full recovery and that makes her mum very happy indeed.

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