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Monday, 7 October 2013

The Gift Fairy

Last year, almost to the day, my little sister celebrated her 40th birthday.
I decided that I wanted to do something unusual to mark the occasion and came up with the brilliant idea of buying forty individual gifts. Deciding to buy on a theme - I settled on 'from the cradle to the menopause.' I'm guessing that this is a theme only a sister, or very good friend could get away with.

The gift buying had commenced several months before the big day and started well - in no time at all I'd purchased a cuddly Miffy rabbit, cocktail umbrellas, a tub of Mini Eggs, fortune telling fish, a singing cake candle, some intensively moisturising hand cream, a hen-lit book, face pack for mature skin, a cupcake phone charm and a sky lantern.

I started to think that this was going to be a complete doddle and continued with bubble bath, body glitter, a tiara, a cocktail glass, some blow bubbles, re-useable stickers, a magic wand, bottle of Buck's Fizz, a Yankee candle and some Mucky Pup hand wipes.

By this point, the gift buying had become a bit of an obsession. Everywhere I went, I found myself sneaking off in hot pursuit of a few more purchases. Next came a fortune cookie, Body Shop soap, a fan for hot flushes, a picture frame magnet, a shopping list pad, sparklers, a magnetic fridge puzzle, Body Shop lip balm, a bag of Chubba Chup lollies and a Hawaiian flower garland necklace.

Having just a week to go, the pressure was on and it was time to enrol some help. My brother-in-law helpfully spirited away her iPod and I downloaded three tracks that reminded me of my sister when she was a teen...

‘Happy Birthday’ - Altered Images
‘Japanese Boy’ - Aneeka
and, ‘My Favourite Waste of Time’ - Owen Paul.

I recreated a 10p mix up with chocolate mice, parma violets, fruit salad, swizzles, jazzies and a drumstick lolly, this cost me the princely sum of 78p - that's inflation for you! I blew up an entire pack of 40th birthday balloons and put them all on string, bought a gorgeous cupcake, some vampy red nail polish, a box of chocolate gingers, a copy of her favourite magazine, a small bunch of flowers, some Bad Gal mascara and finally a photo of the two of us when we were small.
They were wrapped individually, buried in a huge gift bag filled with polystyrene worms and delivered.

It was a lot of work, but so worth the effort.

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