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Sunday, 28 June 2015

The Cost of a Prom

It was February half-term 2011, and the search for prom dresses for my twin daughters had begun in earnest. A mum can never be too organised with these things, and several weeks passed in a blur of shopping expeditions before we spied exactly what we were looking for. Two full-length dresses, in complementary colours - one midnight blue, the other, burgundy. Both were perfect for my daughters' petite frames and reasonably priced at £165 each.

I may have commented that the combined cost of their dresses was actually more than my wedding dress. However, I was very happy that we'd found them and the dresses were ordered - we arrived home feeling very smug indeed.

And then it hit me, actually, we weren't finished at all. In fact, we'd barely made a start on the shopping list. What about shoes and bags and tiaras? I didn't want to think any more. I may have been delighted that I'd had the foresight to save in advance for what was turning out to be rather an expensive time.

A couple of weeks later, I spied a pair of Geox silver strappy sandals for the bargain price of £24.99. I purchased these quickly and spirited the pair home, in the hope that they'd be a match for Olivia's midnight blue gown. Fortunately, she adored them.

The following week Sophia spotted tiaras in the wedding department at a local store and out came the credit card again...

Meanwhile, the cost of the tickets to the actual prom came in at £30 each. And a friend suggested hiring a party bus, rather than a limo. The bus, complete with DJ, bar (serving non-alcoholic drinks as the girls were only sixteen) added to the growing list of expenses.

We shopped for a second pair of shoes for Sophia and settled on these burgundy diamante sandals...

In the meantime, the dresses had arrived at the shop and needed to be altered. As I can barely sew on a button, I wasn't daft enough to attempt a prom dress alteration, the cost of this was £35 per dress.

And let's not forget those last-minute essentials - two clutch bags plus an assortment of new make-up to complete the look.

The day of the prom dawned bright and sunny and my daughters spent most of it excitedly getting ready for their Oscar-themed prom night. We nipped off to the hairdressers, where Sophia opted to have her hair up and Olivia settled for curls. And by this point I'd stopped adding up what I'd spent as it was starting to scare me a little.

The final look was impressive and was one of the first times I realised that my daughters were growing up fast. I have no idea how that happens, one minute they're babies, the next you're waving them off to the prom and they're looking too glamorous for words. How did the time go so quickly?

The party bus was a great mode of transport to the prom, but I think the vote for most inspired transportation for the evening went to a group of lads who hopped in on space hoppers. I'm guessing this was a slightly cheaper option. I only wish I'd thought of it first. Kidding.

My daughters won an 'Oscar' for best double act and given their escapades at school during the past few years, this came as no surprise to their mother.

A recent survey from My Voucher Codes found that students in the UK are catching up with their American counterparts when it comes to spending on a prom. Clearly, I'd spent more than average on my daughters and this came as no surprise whatsoever. The survey has been published over at A Girls World if you'd like to read more.

Until next time...

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