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Sunday, 27 September 2015

The Holiday List Full of Random Tasks to Complete...

Stressed, mouse, lists, holidaysIt's now 2pm on 27th September and I should not be writing this blog post. I have one of those pre-holiday lists on the go that is gargantuan... it features the randomness of tasks that require completion by a female of the species about to embark on a two-week vacation. Failure to complete each item on the list does not bear thinking about.

The list goes something like this...

1. Pack. And if only life were that simple. Mr A only has to achieve this, I, however, have a few more things on the go.

2. Deliver key to niece... she's feeding the cat.

3. Collect currency for the second time. As the bank ordered 100 Mexican Pesos rather than the £100 I'd actually requested. Grrrr.

 4. Defrost freezer as it's almost empty. We have been eating the pre-holiday diet of randomness for the past couple of weeks. Between you and me, this was delicious.

5. Plot route to Manchester Airport. Apparently the M6 has multiple delays and roadworks just to add to the chaos.

6. Write letters to Olivia and Sophia - I wouldn't want to leave them for two weeks without words of encouragement for their final year at university. Who knows what the Wi-Fi access will be like at the resort?

7. Borrow luggage scale from my mother - ours died and started frying batteries earlier this year. Why has it only occurred to replace this, now - just as the shops are filled with Christmas stuff?

8. Lock all the windows, doors and unplug everything, including the aerial. Don't forget to leave the light for the cat on a timer.

9. Brush the cat and apologise profusely for deserting her for two whole weeks with only my niece for occasional company. I would take the family pet back to the cattery - but she hates this even more!

10. Check the tyres, oil and screen wash on the car - I can't remember the last time I did this.

11. Take Dad's keys to my sister's. If Dad locks himself out (again), he isn't going to thank me for forgetting to do this.

12. Ring oldest friend with birthday wishes and tell her that her present is at her mother's house as I couldn't find time to deliver it in person, now that she lives twenty miles away :o( Will make amends when I return home from Mexico.

13. Check Mr A's PIN number for his credit card - he always forgets this when we're away.

14. Return luggage scale to my mothers just as soon as I've packed. She leaves for Ibiza the day before we arrive home and won't be pleased if she can't weigh her own luggage.

15. Invoice Mr A's clients for this month - so that (hopefully) he'll have been paid by the time we arrive home again.

16. Try on summer clothes... this summer's been so bad that I haven't worn most of them.

17. Find the locks for the suitcases - I have a feeling Sophia may have borrowed these for her trip to the US. and I have no idea where they might be.

18. Think about all the other random/ important crap I've forgotten to do that I'll remember just as soon as I've boarded the flight.

19. Try not to cry after check-in when I collapse in a heap, nursing the largest cup of coffee I can find and am so relieved to have finally made it to the airport.

Normally I'm pretty organised with everything that's going on in my life, but the last few weeks have been pretty chaotic with birthdays, a funeral and returning both daughters to uni.

Wishing you all a brilliant couple of weeks.

Now where did I put the passports?

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