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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Creating the perfect workspace for two...

Work from home, deskThe inspiration behind our workspace originated from the need to create two separate desk areas for myself and my husband. There are days when we both work from home and obviously we each require our own space.

Before the revamp, the workspace was dark, cluttered and there wasn't enough room to work efficiently. A makeover to redefine the room and make it more user friendly was carried out a couple of years ago.

We ventured into a well-known Swedish store and returned with an assortment of flat-pack boxes. I'm not particularly imaginative when it comes to picturing how a project is going to turn out, but fortunately my husband is quite intuitive and can always envisage how it's going to look.

The project took relatively little time to complete and the room hasn't changed a great deal since then. I guess that's because it's a space that works well for us. It's relatively compact, but there's ample storage with cupboards and shelving from floor to ceiling to 'hide' work at the end of the day. I think when you work from home it's important to differentiate between work and home life.

Work from home, desk

As you can see my husband's desk is fairly minimal...

Work from home, desk

As for mine... I'm a fan of quirky, brightly-coloured accessories and not averse to using my favourite mug if anyone's trying to distract me from working.


Work from home, desk

Notice board

I'm often joined by the cat, who's rather fond of checking that I'm sticking to the work schedule in return for hugs and cat treats. She's great company to have around when I'm working at home on my own.


In the future we hope to move to the coast and buy an apartment overlooking the sea. I have no idea if I'll be able to work when the view from the window is so glorious, but I guess I can always move my desk if it's too much of a distraction. I'm picturing an Eames chair, a stylish desk with lots of storage plus a whole host of multi-coloured desk accessories.

Where do you work at home when you're writing? I'd love to hear about your own workspace.

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