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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Rubbish Ways to Spend a Weekend

Weekend, DIYWe did well to get to the 9th January without Mr A making a start on his first DIY project of the year. As he'd gone and bought himself a new drill I'd known that he was looking for an excuse to use it.

After 23 years of marriage I can mostly guess what my husband is thinking. Until that is, it comes to picking off one of the many tasks that require attention at home. These get deleted from the list of 'rubbish ways to spend a weekend' in the strangest of orders. I'm not convinced that Mr A could explain the selection process.

We have lived in our current home for 18 years and 5 months exactly. In all that time we'd thought that the door into the lounge was fitted by a mad man. It opens into the room creating congestion whenever two or more people are coming in or going out. I'd often use this as an excuse for an impromptu hug with my daughters and that made me very happy indeed. Unfortunately, hugging all of your guests isn't such a great idea and at times this has been downright awkward.

I'd spied Mr A eyeing up the door and wielding his tape measure several days ago. 'I'm just popping out to get a few things,' he muttered. Vanishing before I could open my mouth to protest and ask what he was plotting. He returned several hours later with a pile of items that had cost a crazy sum and proceeded to deposit the lot all over the floor.
'Care to share what you're up to now?' I asked. 'No, not really,' he said. And with that, he started to unscrew the door from its hinges and refit it to open towards the window. This all took rather a long time. He chiselled, hammered, sanded, sawed, drilled, plastered, sanded some more, and used several words that aren't suitable for publication.

More plaster fell off the walls than expected as he made channels for a new dimmer switch cable. He turned the power on and off again several times, while I worked to a deadline in fading light, on a laptop with no charge and craved several cups of tea.

Sadly, I didn't get to close the doors before the all-pervading scent of wood filler diffused all over the house, carrying with it a layer of fine wood and plaster dust.
The cat sulked on the floor in the dining room as she had nowhere else to go. She remained inconsolable for the rest of the weekend. No amount of tuna could lift her spirits. In fact, we were both pretty grumpy... I blame my hormones. As for the cat, well, she's a cat... it's not as if she needs an excuse.

Cat, sulking, DIY
Nobody puts Kitty in the corner

The next few days were punctuated by coughing fits, sneezing and finding dust in places I don't usually think to look.

As of today, the door has reached Mr A's dizzy heights of DIY perfection, and now opens exactly the way he wants it to.

It's a shame about the wall though.

I'm predicting another fun-filled weekend as he fixes the plaster and repaints the walls.

Who knows what he has planned after that?

Maybe I'll keep a low profile.

Would anyone care to join me down the pub?

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