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Monday, 8 February 2016

The Week That Was... 8th February 2016

Graduation, GraduateDo you ever find yourself scratching your head and trying to resolve a problem that there's simply no answer to? There's been a lot of this going on over the last week as I've grappled with too many unknowns and not enough facts to resolve one particular problem. It's also been a week of locating lost paperwork and struggling to understand one daughter's filing system which appears to be based on the 'fling it all in a heap and hope Mum can find it method.' Luckily for my daughter, I did eventually find what she was looking for and managed to post her documents in time.

Maths Problems
Both daughters graduate during the same week in September. We only have the date for one graduation, the other will be announced some time in April. As their universities are 400 miles apart, what are the chances of both parents attending two graduations? I'm already feeling emotional at the prospect of being able to attend only one.

On Friday I met a friend for coffee. We hadn't found time to meet up for over two years, but managed to stay in touch via email. I'm always astounded that friends can pick up exactly where they left off even after such a very long time. After a couple of hours we were all caught up and I'm hoping that it won't be another  two years until we meet up again.

On Saturday, I was one bedraggled blogger in Ludlow celebrating her father's birthday with the rest of the family. It was one of those days where it was impossible to get any more soaked such was the rain; but we did that great British thing and carried on regardless. Fortunately a hearty lunch kept us all going for longer than we imagined was possible. For some reason we kept losing my brother-in-law and had to resort to calling him on his mobile.

raindrops, glass

Later the same day I overheard a conversation between Mr A and his sister discussing what I'd like for my birthday and telling her that I'd be 50 next year. For the record I won't be... I'm deliberating whether (or not) to share this information with my husband. This inspired a whole new conversation where I felt compelled to ask several questions that he mostly didn't know the answers to. Note to self: never apply to go on Mr & Mrs. 

There are some weekends when I think that blissful Sundays spent reading the paper, partaking of lie-ins and long country walks is the stuff of urban myth. Our entire Sunday was gobbled up with the following...

1. Going to the tip several times
2. Locating documents for Sophia's trip to the American Embassy in London next week
3. 100 other things... I won't bore you with and yes, for the record I know I need to get out more

The highlight of the day was watching the final episode of War and Peace. Suddenly, I feel compelled to read the book and have added it to my reading list.

And finally...
My favourite read for this week comes from Tattooed Mummy with her post What Do Women Really Want for Valentine's Day? With the help of several (very wise) bloggers she has compiled some fabulous suggestions. If you're a male of the species and struggling with the issue of what to buy, you might want to read this.

That's it until next week. I'd love to hear what you've all been up to x

Izzie x

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