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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

10 Great Gifts for Freshers...

Lucky enough to know a teen heading off to university in the next couple of weeks? Pondering over what to get them as a going away present? Look no further, here are ten great suggestions...

1. Fancy dress costumes - any excuse for dressing up and Freshers are there with bells on. My daughter was lucky enough to receive a set of these as a going away present last year and they went down a storm.

Emergency Outfits - Spinning Hat

2. Travel mug - the perfect gift for the student who loves a lie-in. When Olivia announced that she'd never managed to get up in time to have a hot drink before any lecture, this is what she found in her stocking last Christmas...

Travel Mug - Thermos

3. A waterproof bag -  perfect for carrying books, folders and everything else besides. It's amazing how many students turn up without one and as they walk almost everywhere, everything gets wet!

Tote bag - Converse
Messenger bag - Superdry

4. Throw - perfect for when they're feeling homesick and need a bit of TLC.

Starlight Sherpa Throw

    5. Bag of treats - they're a long way from home and chances are they won't be splashing a lot of cash on anything luxurious in the food department. Think chocolate, cookies and popcorn...

    Gift Bag - Whisk Hampers

    6. Converse - universally popular, casual and comfy. Perfect for all that walking!

    Converse All Star Low Maroon Canvas

    7. Gift vouchers for their favourite store...

    TK Maxx gift voucher
    or, coffee shop...

    Caffe Nero gift voucher

    8. A photo album filled with memories from home...

    Geometric Triangle Photo Album - Paperchase

    9. Lights to cheer up drab dorm rooms...

    Tetris Light - Paladone
    Yellow Sunflower Fairy Lights - Sleepyheads

    10. And last, but by no means least, the perfect gift for the fresher who can't get out of bed in the morning (or afternoon)...

    Lexon Cube Sensor Alarm Clock

    Until next time...

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    Wednesday, 2 July 2014

    Moving Out

    For the past four days we have been staying in Olivia's home town. Moving her out of halls of residence and staying in a cottage until the lease started on her new house. I have been without internet the whole time and this has been weird. Strangely liberating and as though I was living in a time where life stood still.

    On Saturday, we were up at 3am, out of the house by 3:45 and had arrived at the uni by 8am (the motorway was virtually empty as no one else was daft enough to be up at this hour). As Sophia's at home, we decide to leave the cat in charge and hope that our youngest daughter will remember to feed her. Sophia is at a regatta for most of the weekend and decided not to join in with the mayhem of our trip 250 miles away from home.

    Meanwhile, at the uni, we have to be out of halls before 10am and Olivia's organised in her own inimitable fashion. We decide to tackle the kitchen first and for those of you who are unfamiliar with the student kitchen, it has a scent all of its own. Kind of a cross between:
    • Wasn't this cleaned just six week's ago?
    • How many bin bags can we accumulate before someone caves and takes them out. And,
    • OMG, what died?
    Mr A and myself tackle the kitchen in five minute bursts, this is all we can take before fighting the urge to retch. Olivia has obviously become used to the smell and doesn't seem to notice. Fortunately her room isn't half so bad.

    Loading the car, it soon becomes apparent that while we can just about cram Olivia's belongings in, there is no room for our daughter. She catches the bus and we meet up in town. Mid-afternoon, we check into the cottage, unload all our daughter's worldly possessions and drive back into town to collect her.

    Olivia is sad to be leaving Fresher's year behind and moving off campus. She has loved everything that living in halls represents and moves into her second year with the realisation that life is about to change all over again. There are new housemates to get to know and life in a house in town will be very different from that on campus.

    Our cottage is heavenly after the crazy day we've had, situated in a peaceful valley with a stream. Mr A and myself are feeling every one of our forty-something years and are fast asleep by 9pm. Tomorrow's another day right? I am wondering only how the first year at university went so fast...

    Until next time...

    Copyright©2014 Izzie Anderton
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