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Monday, 2 May 2016

The Week That Was... 2nd May 2016

Life is goodIt's been a week of contrasts in the Anderton house. Work has been incredibly busy, but there has also been time off for good behaviour and lots of good-natured humour at home. It's a shame about the weather though - I'm hoping that now we're in May the temperatures will start to rise.

This was my week...

Retro is good
Alternative title: How to get rid of that muffin top?
I may have discovered a new brand of clothing and fallen in love with all things Biba this week. Biba was originally a London fashion store back in the 1960s and 70s. Following its demise there were several attempts at a relaunch before the brand was taken over by House of Fraser - it continues to thrive to this day. The range is modern but with a bit of a retro twist - which I love!

In the 1980s jeans that came all the way up to your natural waistline were the only ones available to buy on the high street - which was a shame as I'd have gotten away with a low-rise jean back then. I spied some bargain indigo rinse jeans online last week and promptly ordered a pair. These are amazing and come all the way up to my actual waist. Result: the muffin top is gone concealed. I also ordered jumpers and a t-shirt from the same range and kept almost everything.

Biba, jeans

Biba, NYC t-shirt
Biba jumper


Mr A digs himself a hole
Oh the joys of being married for almost 24 years when you suspect your husband secretly adores the cat more than he does his wife. Last week's order from Biba contained 2 different sizes of jumper. I deliberated over which one to keep and settled on the small, rather than extra small just in case I shrunk it in the wash (something I'm good at).

Occasionally I'll ask my husband a fashion-related question - I can't pretend that I'm particularly interested in the answer or that I have any intention of following his advice - it's more of a conundrum to see how he copes under pressure in the absence of my daughters (the fashion police). On this occasion he failed miserably.

Here's a tip for all the men out there...
When asked whether your wife should keep the smaller or larger size of any item of clothing - do not give the following reply...

"I'd keep the larger size, in case you put on weight."

I may have set the cat on him - all she did was purr. They are such partners in crime.

How not to apply nail polish
Nail painting isn't something I get around to all that often, but I decided to make the effort on Tuesday as we were going out for the evening. I hastily applied 2 coats of purple and quickly tired of the chance to sit still for more than a couple of minutes. First I read a magazine, then I made a cup of tea and some garlic bread to go with the pizza and salad I had planned for dinner. The final not-so-brilliant decision was to take an early bath. Result - the polish had to be removed - as it looked as though a toddler had applied it. To be fair - the toddler would probably have made a better job.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
Tuesday night's Macklemore/ Ryan Lewis concert was one of the finest I've ever been to. You can read the review here if you wish. Despite buying my ticket as a birthday present, one daughter felt sorry for anyone who happened to be sitting anywhere nearby, as I tend to sing like no one is listening and dance like no one is watching. Why would you not do this at a concert when there's only a slim chance you're ever going to run into any of the audience ever again? I quickly pointed out to her that at my age you really don't give a damn what anyone thinks. She gave me one of those withering looks via Skype that suggested she might be plotting my retirement home sooner rather than later.

I immediately bumped into one of the students from school at the concert which was awkward. I asked her which block she was seated in and my heart sank when I realised she was in the same one as us. As luck would have it she was some distance away.

It's that time of year again when thoughts turn to booking a holiday during the summer months. It looks as though we could be taking eldest daughter, Olivia along this year. If all goes to plan - a week in Sorrento at the beginning of July will be booked any day now.

Well that's about it for this week. Wishing you all a fabulous week ahead x 
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