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Monday, 27 April 2015

Could It Be Magic?

Random tweets, Eurovision, Barry ManilowI blame Lara, aka Plucky for the hilarious events in the Anderton house a few weeks ago. It was a random tweet about Barry Manilow that started it...

Daughter Sophia, home for the Easter holidays caught me giggling at Twitter. This is not an unusual occurrence. My daughter does not get Twitter and suspects that her mother is secretly losing her marbles. How can random conversations of 140 characters (or less) cause so much hilarity? After explaining the Barry Manilow conversation, she said, 'Who is he anyway?' It turned out that my daughter had never heard of him. As I'd downed a couple of glasses of wine I offered to enlighten her, loaded YouTube and shared 'Copacabana.' It's best I don't elaborate on her response - it went something like this... 'Any chance you could turn that off?'

Undeterred and amused by her reaction I ignored her request and allowed 'Copacabana' to finish before playing 'Could It Be Magic.' Puzzled as to how I knew the lyrics to both songs, I found myself singing along with enthusiasm. I don't recall playing the tracks (ever) and concluded only, that I must have heard them on the radio (a lot) during my childhood. Obviously I was a lot younger back then and had the spare brain capacity to absorb such things. By the time I'd loaded 'Mandy,' my daughter had left the room muttering, 'Seriously Mum, grow up. This isn't funny.' I can only blame the wine.

The previous week she'd caught me tweeting during Eurovision's Greatest Hits on BBC1. Hosted by Graham Norton and Petra Mede, it celebrated 60 years of the infamous song contest and showcased memorable performers throughout its history. There was also a sing along, and Twitter was alive with witty observations as I reminisced with complete strangers and had a brilliant evening. Can't wait for Eurovision now - May 23rd if you're interested. I'll probably be tweeting again.

As my daughters are often listening to their iPods or flicking through the music channels, I wonder if the next generation is missing out on fabulous music from years gone by? During my childhood the music channels had yet to be invented - which is perhaps just as well as I'd have spent even more time parked in front of the TV pretending to do homework. We didn't even have Internet! To this day I listen to a varied playlist and conclude that it's only from listening to anything and everything that I've learnt to appreciate so much of it.

For anyone who feels the need to play 'Copacabana,' here's a link from YouTube:

And finally...

Congratulations to Barry Manilow on his wedding to partner, Garry Kief last year. Wishing you both a long and happy marriage.

Thank you to the awesome Plucky for the inspiration behind this post.

And apologies to my daughter and the neighbours for the singing.

Until next time...

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