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Friday, 28 October 2016

Lost in Translation

Lost in translation, English, AmericanSophia spent the summer working as a Camp Counsellor for Camp America in Oregon. As she had returned for a second season, her role had expanded and she found herself busier than ever.

Having studied Illustration at university she was frequently asked to help out with art-based activities at camp. Something she was only too happy to do.

She had designed a mini project for the campers to work on which involved creating their own imaginary animals.

The campers varied in their artistic abilities and when a few weren't happy with their works of art, Sophia helpfully added,

'That's OK. You can use a rubber if you want to make any changes.'

Eraser, rubber

The campers continued to work on their almost finished pieces apparently oblivious to my daughter's comment.

Sophia however, wondered why she was getting some strange looks from the rest of the staff.

At the end of the session, the campers left to turn in for the night and one of the camp leaders helped to tidy away while chatting to Sophia.

'By the way, you do know what a rubber is don't you?'

'Yes,' said Sophia, helpfully pointing to the small pile at the centre of the table.

'Actually, we call those erasers over in the States,' said the camp leader.

'Rubbers, are something entirely different...'

Condom, rubber

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  1. Oh dear!
    This did make me laugh :)

  2. Oh that is too funny Izzie! Since cutting cable and now watching television using an android box, I'm able to watch quite a lot of programs from the UK, which means googling quite a few of the words you use.

  3. Hi Izzie, that is a classic mistake and one, I bet, that left your daughter pink cheeked! I hope Sophia had another fantastic summer.


  4. hahaha! Oh dear that did make me chuckle....

  5. That is so funny and reminds me of the time I announced to the dinner table at the school in France I was working in that I was pregnant ( I thought I was saying that I was full, but apparently not!)

  6. This completely reminded me of my first term at American university after being at English boarding school! I was a first term first year - 'Freshman'- and was drawing in my room. The looks and laughter when I knocked on a door of a room filled with students and asked if anyone had a rubber I could borrow....


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