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Friday, 29 July 2016

To Be Continued by James Robertson - Book Review

To Be Continued by James RobertsonThe latest release from James Robertson is a heart-warming, yet slightly surreal tale about the adventures of Douglas Findhorn Elder. A journalist who, as he celebrates his 50th birthday realises that his life is in a sorry state. Recently separated from his girlfriend, he's also lost his job at a local newspaper and his father admitted to a nursing home.

Enter Mungo Forth Mungo, a talking toad who introduces himself as Douglas celebrates his 50th birthday alone by getting drunk and sitting out on the back porch.

Without work to keep him preoccupied, Douglas embarks on writing a novel about nothing in particular and secures some freelance work from his former editor at the newspaper. His mission is to interview former MP, Rosalind Munlochy, as she celebrates her 100th birthday and to find out how she voted in the Scottish referendum.

In this novel Man and toad forge an unlikely friendship and embark on a journey together from Edinburgh to Glentarager House in the Scottish Highlands. The journey is beset with challenges and along the way he meets an assortment of eccentric characters who aren't all they seem. 

Toad at night

Douglas could be anyone who's experiencing a midlife crisis, but attempting to remain philosophical in the face of adversity. I loved the hints of eccentricity and wry humour throughout the book. 

I suspect that we could all do with a talking toad, or something similar (and preferably cuter) in our lives. Mungo Forth Mungo is a modern day fairy godmother with warts on, (pun intended). He's also infinitely wiser and opinionated with his own unique and horribly accurate take on the world around him.  

The ending is well-rounded, rather sublime and plays to the theory that life can change for the better often when you least expect it - just as long as you're open to ideas and willing to take a chance.

Not my usual kind of read, but thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless.

Rating 4/5

Thanks to Penguin Books for the advance copy.
Release date: 4th August 2016.

To Be Continued by James Robertson

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  1. Ooh I like the sound of this - particularly because it's not your sort of read but you enjoyed it anyway, I always find those are the best books!

  2. Sometimes a book like this is a refreshing change for me. I like the idea of following a road trip with eccentric characters that make you reevaluate and take a different look at things. In sum I'm rather intrigued and keen to read this.

  3. This sounds really good! I am looking for some good reads! x

  4. This does sound interesting! I love books with a surreal edge. A talking toad's a new one on me....


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