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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Let there be gin...

Happy, Smiles, Cartoon, FacesIt's been a quiet week in the Anderton house and I'm guessing it will pretty much stay that way until daughter, Sophia comes home again at the beginning of June.

I've agreed to cover extra hours at work during the next 2-3 months and also had to turn down a couple of offers of work. This last week has been all about getting organised for the weeks ahead and by Friday night I was fast asleep on the sofa by 9pm. I am enjoying both jobs so much that I don't want to have to choose between either of them.

This was my week...
The randomness of Twitter
Twitter in all its nonsensical brilliance made me smile on Tuesday. In one tweet a famous author and philosopher liked a tweet I'd posted about his latest book release, in the next I was tweeting a pug from across the pond. It's impossible to make these things happen, but when it does, I am reminded of just how much I love social media, (especially Twitter) and all its eccentricities.

Let there be cake, gin, chocolate and flowers
My gorgeous mother-in-law was 87 on Monday. As always her gifts included gin, tonic, flowers and chocolate. They are the only things she truly loves to receive. Hence, this is what I buy for her each and every year.

Let there be gin

On Saturday
We woke up to find it was snowing heavily; fortunately it didn't stick around for long! In the evening, we had guests over for dinner. For once I made the effort and cooked everything from scratch. I made teryaki salmon and rosemary pan-fried potatoes with broccoli and carrots for main course, followed by tiramisu and buttermilk cupcakes for dessert. I am one very messy cook. Fortunately there are no photos to prove this.

I haven't been shopping in ages. But I did order a new suitcase for daughter, Sophia this week in anticipation of her trip to the US in the summer. After much deliberation, we found one in her signature colour, red. I'm hoping this one will last longer than the one we bought last year which came back trashed!

At 7:10am on Monday, I received a call from my eldest daughter. She was working at a newspaper last week to get some journalism experience ahead of leaving university. There had been a thunderstorm on Sunday evening, this had caused a disruption to the power supply, as a result her alarm didn't go off the following morning and each of the clocks in the house read a different time. By some miracle she made the 7:50am train and arrived at work with minutes to spare. You can guess who rang her each morning for the rest of the week?! 

Favourite blog post
My favourite post for this week comes from Sarah over at Mum of Three World with her bittersweet post about children growing up and no longer wanting to spend time with their parents. I was reminded of the phase with my own children and can remember feeling like an unwanted toy. You can read Sarah's brilliant post here: School holidays are crap.

Motherhood, illustration

Well that's about it for this week. Have a great week whatever you're up to x

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  1. Thanks very much for mentioning my post, really appreciate it.
    I like the sound of your meal cooked from scratch.
    Well done to Olivia for getting to work on time. I would have phoned her every day after that too!

  2. Love how mums are still most definitely mums - alarm clock mum Izzie! And I hope my future daugher-in-law/son-in-law buys me gin each year. That is something I could get used to! Don't work too hard x

  3. How lovely that your mother-in-law is 87! We have just celebrated my step-father's 80th which was a fab event and all the family attended. I'm glad she got exactly what she wanted!

  4. My mum has called me in the mornings sometimes to make sure I am up lol and she has done that for my sister too and I know for a fact I will probably do it when my 2 are older haha.
    The meal you cooked sounds amazing

  5. I love your mother in your on gin and chocolates too! I too have gone through that moment that Sarah mentions but there is no stopping kids from growing up. Your dinner from scratch sounds delicious.

  6. Good old Mum, saving the day from miles away!! The power of social media is amazing isn't it!

  7. Oh I love it when that happens on Twitter. As you say, you can't force it, and I miss those days when we all seemed to be there at the same time talking randomness. But when it does, it reminds me how fun it is. Maybe one day when the pace of life slows down, we'll all be there in our seventies, chatting away.

  8. I love the idea of all that gin - it sounds like the perfect present!! So funny you called your daughter (that would so be me!!)

  9. You had a like from Alain de Boton? Woohoo! I'm off to read Sarah's post now, to remind me I need to appreciate my two little ones, with all their clinginess...

  10. Twitter really is a random place! I would have to ring my youngest I recon. he is terrible at getting up now and he is only 9!

  11. Twitter is awesome isn't it when you think about it like that! I hope I live to be 87 and to be getting gin, chocolates and flowers sounds like a dream x

  12. I'm exactly the same with my Dad's gifts - port and stilton cheese for every occasion ;-)

  13. Ah fab, Sarah is one of my favorite bloggers too. Sounds like you've had a busy week. It's fab that you're loving your jobs, I feel like that at the moment too, it's a lovely feeling.

  14. What a gorgeous week and oh how I'd love to come to dinner at yours! Great post by Sarah, thanks xx

  15. Happy Birthday to your MIL. Its nice to know that the gift you give her will be appreciated.It makes buying gifts that much more enjoyable.

  16. Hi Izzie, Twitter has fast become my favourite social media platform, I'm not overly comfortable on FB. I hope that when I'm 87 I'm still enjoying things I love, which for me would be Cadbury's chocolate and nice perfume.

    It's nice to know your daughter still thinks of you when she's not at home, even if it's only as a replacement alarm clock! I can't wait for those days...Not!



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