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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

The Cute Little Note

Daughter, Motivational smilesBefore Christmas I was having a sort out in Sophia's bedroom. I needed to retrieve all of the presents I'd stashed there to make room for my daughter to create chaos of her own when she arrived home from uni.

There were several gifts hidden in Sophia's blanket box, the one that housed toys not so very long ago and is now a bit like the room of requirement from Harry Potter - providing storage space for any family member who needs it. On removing the final present, I spied a tatty Wells Fargo envelope with my daughter's handwriting on it at the bottom of the box.

It read something like this...

Daughter, directions, Charmed House
733 to Downtown Union Station
Get off at Venice Broadway (23 stops)
Walk to Broadway/ Venice (4756)
Bus 4 Sunset stop/ Marion 14th
Turn left at Marion Avenue
Bellevue Avenue
Right onto Edgeware Road
Turn left at Carroll

At the end of her scribbled instructions she'd drawn herself a smile...

Chatting to her later that day I asked where she'd been with the carefully itemised directions.

She's been a fan of the series Charmed for years and had wanted to see the house where it was filmed. Both daughters watched the series from a relatively young age, perhaps before they should have done and continue to watch it to this day. Imagine Sophia's dismay to learn that the house wasn't actually located in San Francisco where the series was based, but instead, outside of Downtown LA in a beautiful neighbourhood.

After a lengthy trip on several buses, she eventually found the house and discovered that it was undergoing repairs - the exterior covered with ladders. That did not matter in the slightest to my daughter. She had seen The Charmed House and that was all that mattered.

Never underestimate the power of a daughter - she will find a way to achieve something even if it's a long way from home, requires some careful planning using free Wi-Fi and a very long bus trip.

Sophia's already been placed for Camp America next summer. Nothing could make her happier and as soon as she finishes her final year at uni, my daughter will be leaving home again. 

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  1. Aww! That is dedication. It is great she got to see the house.
    I never got into Charmed even though it is the sort of TV I usually like.

  2. She is a real credit to you Izzie -feisty, determined, intelligent, creative, resourceful. You must be a very proud mum. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas together and I wish you an even better 2016. Much love XXX

  3. This is wonderful! I love that you were able to ask her about it - it sounds like she is quite an adventurer :) Funnily enough, I set the Sky Box up to record the series of Charmed the other day as I have never seen it. Happy 2016 xx

  4. What a lovely post. It's brilliant that she made this little dream come true for herself. Good luck to her for her last couple of terms at uni and for Camp America later this year.


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