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Friday, 28 August 2015

Where is Your Happy Place at Home?

For me, the living room is my happy place at home. It's where I curl up on the sofa to read, take my best naps, and watch random TV programs such as World's Greatest Motorcycle Rides, Ice Road Truckers and Salvage Dawgs. It's also where I catch up with friends over cake and steaming mugs of coffee.

It's here that the cat sleeps peacefully on the sofa and takes up most of the space, despite having her very own cat bed that she's ignored since the day we brought it into the house.

It's a room to come together as a family, to enjoy films and share stories about the randomness of our days. Here, you'll find the latest collection of shells and poster-sized photos from far-flung family holidays on the walls. There are also a couple of throws for cooler evenings and a small collection of art glass vases.

The living room also houses our collection of DVDs, CDs and a few of our books. Who knows if we'll ever listen to The Party Album by The Vengaboys, or watch Muppets From Space on DVD again? They're sitting on the shelf - if ever we're tempted. There are books from my twin daughters' early years, all favourite bedtime reads that I can't quite bring myself to offload. There's also a signed copy of the latest novel by Sarah Winman, a thoughtful gift from daughter, Olivia. Who knew a room could contain so much? If you take a look when it's tidy, you'd hardly notice so many belongings hidden among the shelves. Each and every one creating memories of family life in the same house for the past eighteen years.

It's where we drink tea after arriving home from work. Our place to retreat to at the end of a crazy day and forget all about the outside world over a glass of wine (or two), while burning incense or candles under the gentle glow of fairy lights.

I can't begin to imagine life without a room to unwind in.

Back in 2013 there was a near miss at home, when one daughter's bedroom almost went up in flames after a mishap with a candle. We were fortunate that her quick-thinking prevented the unthinkable from happening. The burnt windowsill and smoke damaged paintwork were soon repaired, but our thoughts turned to the possibility of 'What if?' and the sickening realisation that everything can change in a moment.

What would we have chosen to save, after ensuring that family members (including the cat) were safe? If, that is, there had been time to salvage anything at all?

The experience encouraged us to think about the value of our possessions accumulated over the years and how much they might cost to replace. That figure was more than we thought and our contents insurance was adjusted accordingly.

If you had to replace all of the stuff in your happy place at home, how much would this cost?

Legal & General have been insuring homes for over 90 years and have a helpful Home Contents Calculator to calculate the cost of replacing items in individual rooms of the house. You can check out their buildings and contents cover here.   

This is a collaborative post.

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  1. Eek! I dread to think what it would cost! That must have been a scary experience for you all with your daughter's bedroom.
    And your lounge sounds a lovely place to relax :)

  2. How scary that your daughter's bedroom nearly caught fire - so glad that it was put out so quickly. Lovely photos of your home and always good to re-evaluate what is important to us and make sure that our home insurance covers everything. #PoCoLo

  3. Crikey, that sounds very scary. I love your lounge. My happy place is definitely the lounge too - we are forming so many happy memories in that room :) Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

  4. That sounds so scary with your girls bedroom. Eek!
    It sounds like you have a lovely home....My happy place is my lounge too. It's where I spend most of my time x

  5. It's scary to think how easily so many things can be lost. My concern isn't so much the things that can be replaced (though of course we're insured for those) but those which can't...


  6. That's such an interesting point Izzie, I really need to reassess what we've got and how much it's worth, although we haven't made any major purchases since I last did so. I don't think I'd save anything in particular in terms of possessions, it's all replaceable and I'd have too many pets to rescue - two dogs and a cat would take up all my rescuing time I think!x

  7. How fortunate that your daughter knew what to do! It's all the personal touched and history that make a living room interesting. A wonderful place to relax at the end of the day!

  8. My in-laws house in Canada went up in flames a couple of years ago. Thankfully they were fully insured as most of the house had to be completely rebuilt, they had to live in a rental home for a year and all their contents replaced!

  9. My favourite room is the conservatory, its the only none formal room we have and it's full of ornaments and junk. We have good contents insurance for furniture, clothes etc but most of stuff we cannot replace such as photo's and keepsakes of the kids and items we've inherited from family members


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