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Monday, 17 August 2015

The Week That Was...

Social gatherings are like buses in the Anderton house. There are none for ages and then several turn up at once. Last week there were so many invitations that I had to admit defeat and decline a couple. The thought of partying every night fills me with dread and as I get older, I need a night off in-between to recover.

On Monday... I helped my dad with some gardening. Now I'm pretty rubbish at this, but I looked at the state of his lawn and borders and realised he needed all the help he could get. The realisation that a parent isn't coping as well as you'd thought is a sad one. We talked of putting his house on the market and moving to somewhere more manageable. I can't tell you how horrible it was to have this conversation.

Monday was also the Writing Group Summer Social, along with bottomless jugs of Pimms, lots of wine and scrummy cheese and nibbles. I was tired. We sat outside. I'd begged Mr A to collect me at 10pm, so that I could be in my PJs and reading a book by 10:30pm. And for once I managed to sleep quite well. This is what usually happens most nights: The Trouble With Sleep.

There was an invitation to a friend's house on Wednesday. As she lives just up the road there was a whoop of joy as neither of us had to drive. I have experienced some of the worst hangovers ever at her house. Her husband is a generous host who cannot bear to see a millimetre of empty space in a wine glass before refilling it. I vowed to stick to two glasses. And failed miserably. Four bottles of wine between the three of us, (Mr A was drinking beer) meant I was feeling delicate for most of Thursday. This led to the realisation that I need to come up with a new strategy next time. Mr A suggested I drive as I won't down a single glass of anything containing alcohol when I take the car.

I took several pictures during the evening, but this was the only one in focus...

View from a friend's garden
Daughter, Olivia phoned early on Thursday morning and announced that she would be coming home next week. Despite feeling under the weather hungover I felt very happy indeed and may have danced around the kitchen. She soon picked up that I was feeling below par and said, wasn't she supposed to be the one drinking? Ever been told off by your daughter? I felt well and truly chastised. Apparently she was up at 5am and had been to the beach, this made me snort with laughter as it wasn't so very long ago she was doing stuff like this...  Mum, You Know You Love Me...

I may have spent much of the day reading blogs and trying to find a few new ones to add to my reading list. This was my favourite discovery last week from Kate, over at Yes, She Writes. Anyone who's a book lover will identify with her brilliant post about the problem with books.

On Friday, I hopped off into town to buy food for a post I'm working on about food banks. As I'd been given some money to buy stuff, I was determined to make this stretch this as far as possible and went to several stores to buy as many special offers as I could. It was raining heavily for most of the day and I reached that point where I couldn't have been any more soaked than I already was. I returned looking rather bedraggled and realised that wearing Converse that morning wasn't one of my better decisions. On Friday night I consumed no alcohol whatsoever.

I'd agreed to attend a Golden Wedding Anniversary party with my father at the weekend. Sadly, my stepmum died four years ago from 'the big C,' but we still keep in touch with her lovely family who live just outside Bath. Their welcome was very warm indeed and I don't think I've ever had quite so many social hugs and kisses in one weekend. I wish we saw a lot more of them. For the record no alcohol was consumed.

On Sunday, after lengthy goodbyes and one heck of a delicious breakfast, we drove home again. The cat had missed me, I'm not so sure about my husband. I have a feeling he may have relished the peace and quiet.

Linking up with My Week over at Mummy Barrow.

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  1. busy week and as my kids would say when i drink 'it's your own fault mother and you should know better by now' i've tried having 'the' conversation with my parents but pride is a big thing. MIL moved recently to a smaller place but hasn't sold her main home which worries us a little, hubby is away this week, i'm just slobbing out without him, it's wonderful

  2. Goodness me. It sounds like you have had quite an exhausting week. I find a double dose of Berocca ( you, but on a good day), paracetamol and a bag of salt and vinegar crisps does the trick for me when I have a hangover. Not the healthiest but never mind. X

  3. Sounds a lovely week, but exhausting! I love the wine o clock picture

  4. That is some week!!! Not just me that dances around the kitchen to good news from her kids then?!

    That Wine O'Clock pic needs to be an avatar, it's brilliant

  5. That's a busy week! I'm sure your dad appreciated your help with his yard and your company at the party. Hope you have a great visit with your daughter!

  6. Sounds like a busy (if a little drunken) week! Fun too though. So glad your girl is home, I know how much you've missed her. And yes, my middle daughter tells me off ALL the time! x

  7. What a delicious week indeed - hugs are the best aren't they!?

  8. Sounds like a great week, hope you have recovered? Passes panadol and coffee? 😃 I love that your daughter is telling you off! Mine will be like that too! Thanks for linking up to #PoCoLo too!

  9. hehehe! Fancy getting told off by your daughter for drinking. Oops! It sounds busy but lovely week x


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