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Monday, 31 August 2015

The Week That Was - August 31st

It's been an amusing week in the Anderton house. I've loved having daughter, Olivia, home and have really enjoyed her company. I'm trying not to think about the girls leaving for their final year at university in the third week of September.

This was my week...
On the way to the supermarket on Monday, I spied my husband's old car and waved like an idiot at the person behind the wheel, before realising that it wasn't being driven by my husband. Apologies to the lovely lady I waved at - who obviously had no idea who I was. I can only blame my hormones for the momentary lapse.

I woke early on Tuesday morning, slap-bang in the middle of a hot flush and came downstairs dreaming up plans for Olivia and Sophia's 21st birthday party. I also chatted to a couple of people on Twitter who were similarly sleep deprived. It seems there are a lot of us around at 4am. Later that evening I fell asleep on the sofa at 9pm. How come I take my best naps in front of the TV?

After weeks of asking Olivia what she would like for her birthday, we went shopping on Wednesday morning. My instructions were simply, 'I've stuck a four hour ticket on the car, please find something.' Neither of my daughters is materialistic - which is good, except for when you have no idea what to buy them. Olivia came back with a small selection of gifts. Now all I need to do is find something for Sophia - she arrives home from the US on Saturday. As we haven't seen our youngest daughter since 20th June, I'm predicting lots of hugs, kisses and sleep after her long journey from LA to New York and from NY to Heathrow.

On Thursday, I asked Olivia if she thought a themed party would be a good idea. 'That's an excellent idea,' she said. 'We could have a Harry Potter party. You and Dad could come as Dobby and Kreacher.' She went on to pick characters for almost every member of the family, plus close friends and neighbours. Party plans are underway - sans theme, as I didn't want to upset our guests. So far I've bought balloons, cake candles, bunting and booked a delivery slot with Waitrose.

On Friday, my gorgeous nephew turned thirteen. How did that happen exactly? Thirteen years ago we were on holiday in Gran Canaria when he was born - seven weeks early, perfectly healthy and weighing only 3lb 3oz. It's hard to believe that he's almost as tall as I am, or that he's a teenager. Fortunately he still loves hugs, but I'm no longer allowed to mess with his hair :o(

My sister hosted a party for my nephew on Saturday and miraculously, the weather was kind. We drank a lot of Pimms in the garden and I taught my nephew a fun game involving clothes pegs. I have a suspicion that my sister isn't going to thank me for this. It was dark by the time we arrived home and I was rather taken with this view of moonlight filtering through clouds from my bedroom window.

On Sunday I made a batch of mini scones that resembled The Leaning Tower of Pisa. The plan was to freeze these ready for the party in a couple of weeks, but as they didn't turn out as planned, we ate them instead. I'm hopeful that batch number two will be more successful.
The Leaning Scones of Pisa

My favourite blog for this week comes from The 40 (ish) year old Domestic Goddess. I snorted with laughter as I read her post: Was my Mum really a Hairdresser?? My mum was also a hairdresser and I have a similar assortment of hideous snapshots hidden away in photo albums. To this day my mother wonders why I hardly ever visit the hairdressers.

Here's to another crazy week. Have fun whatever you're up to.

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  1. Oh how exciting for you that your daughter is coming home. Very cool about their birthday and final year of uni approaching too. I love your photo of the moon. There was a supermoon this week, I'm not sure which day but you should check, you may have inadvertently captured a money shot of the rare supermoon!x

  2. I am such a pants sleeper right now, I'm forever awake around 2am. So exciting your daughter comes back soon. Hope the reunion is lovely :)

  3. How lovely that Sophia will soon be home again. I had to chuckle at Olivia's suggestion for the Harry Potter themed party - I think a non-themed party sounds like a good plan! Hope your second batch of scones were more successful! :-)

  4. Haha I did this before. Sold our car and then waved at the person who is driving it. Thing is they turned it into a taxi so there are passengers inside. They probably thought of calling tha police or something as a weird girl is waving like bonkers. Happily they did not but they didn't stop eaither =P #pocolo

  5. What a great week!! You did much better at baking than I did with your mini scones! My Gingerbread Men were...um...interesting. #PoCoLo x

  6. I nodded in agreement about the best naps being in front of the telly! That is me too :) I am looking forward to hearing all about your girls' 21st - it sounds like you are going to have an interesting time on your hands there! I am going to nip over and read Sam's poem now. Thanks for linking to #PoCoLo x

  7. After those suggestions I think a non-themed party is a good idea :) Hope Sophia is safely home x


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