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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Ten Signs the Kids are Back From Uni...

You've enjoyed peace and quiet for several months and have completely forgotten how to live together as a family with adult children who are away at university for most of the year. But when they arrive home again for the summer it feels as though the house has been invaded. I am reminded that while I really enjoy my daughters' company - they live on their own agenda.

Can anyone else identify with any of the following...

When the kids are home from uni...

1. You find yourself humming along to the latest chart music.

2. When the front door opens at 3 am you think you're being burgled - only to remember that your offspring went clubbing just as you were heading to bed.

3. Hidden stashes of chocolate have been found, devoured and the empty wrappers left for you to find. There are also depleted cartons of Ben & Jerry's in the freezer waiting to be discovered. Grrrrr.

4. You reminisce over episodes of Charmed and How I Met Your Mother. As you've seen them so many times before, you can recall entire chunks of dialogue.

5. No matter how many times you shop for food the fridge is always empty. Oh, and they've also polished off the entire contents of the wine rack (I guess this could also apply to the beer).

6. Whenever you've left something important lying around - chances are it won't be where you left it. Whenever they've left belongings scattered all over the house - chances are they'll stay exactly where they left them.

7. You think that you're having an intelligent conversation with your offspring - only to discover they were listening to their iPods and haven't heard a single word.

8. For some strange reason the petrol gauge on the car is always flashing.

9. They're nocturnal. Once upon a time you'd have given anything for your offspring to sleep beyond 7 am - but now they're coming to life as you're heading off to bed. Consequently they often don't appear before lunchtime and keep you awake when you need to sleep.

10. There's a permanent scummy ring in the bath in an assortment of gorgeous rainbow colours. Neither daughter has a bath in their uni digs and when they're home - they're straight off to a well-known store to buy a stash of bath bombs. These fragrance the entire house and require some serious scrubbing off the bath.

Does any of this sound familiar?

In the meantime I'm trying to hold onto my sanity and to keep reminding myself that the house is going to be empty again very soon. I plan on extracting as many hugs as possible before that happens. Olivia returns to university on Tuesday to collect results and assignments for the summer, while Sophia leaves for Oregon on Friday. She has to check-in at 04: 50 am. You can guess who'll be taking her.

Until next time...

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  1. Even though we are not quite there yet, I can imagine that this is exactly how I would feel. It did make me chuckle though.

  2. oh i hear you. the 20yo boy arrives tonight for the rest of the week and the first thing he'll say is 'mum can you do my washing'

  3. Enjoy! We've all that to come!

  4. Hope you had a fab time with the girlies while they were home Izzie! Best of luck to Olivia going out to the States x

  5. Oh my word Izzie, you need to invest some serious time into finding a better place to hide your chocolate!! It sounds like your secret supplies are needed more than ever! I hope you are enjoying having them home and best of luck to them both for their summer plans (and to you for putting up with those plans!).x

  6. You make me want to hug my children more! So glad your girls are home :) xx

  7. You're going to miss the chaos when it's quiet again! You definitely need to find a secret place for the wine and chocolate too.

  8. Haha I love the ipod part! This is so my son lately and mine is just 5! #pocolo

  9. I'm still a way off this stage with my two but now I know how my mum felt when I came back from uni - especially the not getting burgled point. I am sure I was never as quiet as I thought I was being! #pocolo

  10. Oh this sounds so lovely! It's weird when your parent's house is no longer 'home' anymore... x

  11. I could add a few more points to your list *ggg*
    Love my children more than anything and will miss them terribly after 5 January...

    Annette | Lady of Style


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