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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Let the chaos commence...

We ring our youngest daughter as we leave the motorway to collect her from university at the end of her second year. Sophia has been conspicuous by her lack of communication all week and I say, 'Hi, we'll be there in an hour.' I am taken aback by her reply, 'Oh, I've just woken up, are you picking me up today?' She may have heard me say, 'Grrrrr,' among other things, before she starts to giggle and adds, 'Only kidding.'
Mr A and myself suspect that she was hard at work making the most of the peace before we descend and attempt to cram all of her treasured belongings stuff into the car. We'd guessed that she wouldn't have packed and our fears are confirmed as we arrive to tackle the chaos that is student accommodation.

The rest of the morning is spent packing and cleaning the house before locking up and heading into town for lunch. Sophia has hysterics over a small spider stuck to her jumper. I end up removing it and remind her that she's about to spend ten weeks in the Oregon wilderness this summer.

Mr A's top talent is sandwiching all of our beloved daughter's belongings into the car. I don't know how he does it - but somehow everything goes in, and the pillow thoughtfully stashed behind my back makes for a relaxed return journey. I am feeling ever so slightly exhausted after staying out until 1 am and getting up a little after five.

Sophia arrives home with twelve loads of washing and some of her kitchen stuff. Where does it all go I wonder? Is there a stash of pans and cutlery in a heap somewhere in every university city along with all the odd socks that would make pairs if only they found their way home again?

We're home in time for dinner and I'm comatose on the sofa by 9 pm. The washing is abandoned in the garage, the conservatory filled with uni kit and she's spirited the stuff she actually wants up to her room. She immediately requests that we extract the large suitcase from the loft as she needs to pack and leave again next week. After heading off to bed, I'm woken at 1 am by my daughter, 'Mum, you don't have a spare toothbrush do you?' Will there ever be a time when my kids don't wake me up?

I have spent the past week preparing for the onslaught of chaos. The freezer is filled with home-cooked meals, the house was tidy before Sophia arrived. And heck, I've even baked.

And, I have no idea how it happens, but somehow you forget the mayhem of life together as a family and get used to a simple existence with only a cat and husband for company. Although you miss hugs and the scent of your children - it appears that they cope rather admirably without you. The latter is sad, but comes with the realisation that your beloved offspring are preparing to fly the nest for good.  

Olivia arrived home on Tuesday. It's delightful to have both daughters home at the same time. And so, if I'm not around so much during the next week - it's because I'm making the most of our time together before they vanish all over again.

Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend - whatever you're up to x

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  1. Love the picture of the mess. It's amazing how much stuff they bring home! I'm looking so forward to hearing about your daughter's trip. I hope she has a wonderful time!

  2. hehehe! Sounds like loads of fun! Enjoy your time with your girls x

  3. Ah how lovely, it must be great to have them back. My sister has just come back from uni as well. She only lives over the road from us so we see her quite a bit. It's lovely to have her back, it's like she was never away.xx

  4. Lol, I remember the chaos of packing up at the end of the year very well - how all the stuff used to fit in the car I'll never know! Hope you enjoy your week with both your girls at home and wishing Sophia all the best for her Oregon adventure :-)

  5. Lovely post. It's crazy that they still wake you up in the night at that age! Hope the mess got sorted pretty quickly!

  6. Oh gosh - I remember doing that to my poor parents ! #PoCoLo

  7. Enjoy your time with the daughters home! #pocolo

  8. I really enjoyed this post - and I hope you make the most of every minute enjoying spending time with both of your daughters on the rare occasion that they are there with you together. Have a lovely weekend and thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

  9. My daughter brings as much stuff over on a day's visit! It's all about the seasons, I guess though. You do miss them when they go, but you do get used to them not being there all the time and they do manage to negotiate the big, wide world without us after all. Bittersweet.

  10. You having them home is like us reading your older posts! There's a sense of coming home for us readers too somehow :) xx


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