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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Then and Now...

As a teen did you ever think you'd grow up and stay exactly as you were? Trapped forever in the seven years that defined your teenage years... only with a car and a house and the money to indulge in all the things you loved at that time?

I guess it's normal to never want to grow up and turn into a fully-fledged adult and I'm not sure I had any concept of what it meant to be older... why would you?

I even made a promise to myself that I'd never change and would stay tuned into Radio 1 and reading Smash Hits. How times have changed...

Way back when I was a teen... I wore heels, watched Top Of The Pops, listened only to Radio 1, bought every copy of my favourite magazine, ate a lot of crisps... any flavour, (except ready salted) shopped at C&A, drank Babycham, loved any music my dad took a dislike to... especially Dead or Alive, had no plans to fall asleep in front of the TV (unlike my parents) and thought that I'd never be too old to go clubbing.

Here's the bit where I justify each and every one of those changes now that I'm 46 years of age...

Heels... you're kidding right? Wearing a pair for any great length of time makes me ache in places I took for granted would always be supple when I was younger. I'm happiest in a pair of ballerinas or Converse and so... that's what I wear most of the time.

I'm partial to Radio 2... many of the DJs I used to listen to on Radio 1 as a teen now present on Radio 2 instead. It's a lot like listening to an old friend and Simon Mayo plays Mahna Mahna on his Drivetime show every Friday around 5:15 pm... what's not to love about that! And... gulp... given half a chance I find myself listening to Woman's Hour on Radio 4.

I used to think that ready salted crisps were for old people. As a teen any flavour, no matter how weird was likely to be devoured with much enthusiasm. Is anyone old enough to remember hedgehog flavour? They tasted rather peppery if memory serves... but I kind of liked them. Now I only ever eat crisps when I have an attack of the munchies after a couple of glasses of wine. I can't justify the calories unless I'm inebriated and couldn't care less.

I've started shopping in M&S (other stores are available) they stock underwear that's sympathetic to the  forty-something figure, as well as a damn fine selection of food and wine. I'm also partial to placing orders with Boden and White Company and shopping at White Stuff, Fat Face and TK Maxx. I have a feeling the fact that C&A closed all of its UK stores back in the year 2000 had nothing to do with this decision whatsoever.

My passion for nightclubbing has been replaced by a love of dancing all over the house while listening to my iPod. But my all-time number one way to spend the evening has to be... curled up in front of the fire with a large glass of wine, a good book and being left well alone. And I guess I could be tempted by a glass of Babycham, but only with a generous measure of brandy.

My devotion to Smash Hits had wavered long before it ceased publication back in 2006. Currently I have Good Housekeeping and Red magazines on subscription and don't plan on changing my reading habits any time soon.

Are some TV programs narrated to make you nap I wonder? The soothing dialogue on the latest series of Who Do You Think You Are? meant that I failed to catch any episode in its entirety without taking a catnap halfway through. Maybe I should use this to my advantage and watch it on iPlayer as a cure for insomnia...

I'm just wondering if you turned out the way you imagined you would in your teens? I look forward to reading your thoughts...

Until next time...

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  1. I don't remember what I thought adulthood would be like, but I can definitely relate to not wanting to wear heels, listening to radio stations I never would have considered before, and enjoying a quiet evening! :)

  2. I cannot remember what I thought I'd be like when I was older (I'm not sure I gave it much thought) but our teenage years sound pretty similar!

  3. I forgot about c&a - oops just bought a bunch of dresses at Fatface last week on sale. your post has made me think back... Now most of the time I wear wellies for walks, school runs and taking photos but rest of the time wear heels (although usually wedges as they're a lot easier). Miss my days clubbing in cool 'underground' places in Beirut, NYC or Beijing but now dancing is only with my kids in the sitting room. And....the list goes on...

  4. I don't think any of us turn out the way we thought we would lovely. I'm rather partial to falling asleep on the sofa at 9pm too ;-)

  5. I too used to love a bit of babysham! I used to think it was so grown up and yes I shopped at C&A!! #Sharewithme

  6. I thought I would be a lot more stodgy than I am now! lol... I've somehow kept my youth a bit more than I thought I would!

  7. Lucas says - The Mother falls asleep whilst watching TV so I pinch her nose!!! he he When I grow up I'm going to eat Haribo with Yorkshire pudding, make sure that Star Wars is always on the telly and will NEVER be too old for a bit of NERF practice....... #sharewithme

  8. Wow!! I remember Hedgehog crisps - they were AWESOME!! I remember taping the Top 40 on a cassette player and ALWAYS read Just17 - horoscope first!! #sharewithme

  9. Intereserign post. I'm 31, but I have changed so much!
    I would go clubbing on occasion, but the music doesn't suit me anymore. I do fall asleep halfway through a film which is annoying as I never get to finish one unless I am in the cinema!
    I like myself better though I think. I can take more distance to myself and life in general

  10. Oh, I love this! I was convinced I would never change and in some ways I haven't - I still don't get the attraction of Radio 4 and prefer singing and dancing around to music on the radio instead. But like you my favourite thing to do is curling up with a good book in peace and quiet - not exactly what I dreamed of as a teen! I'm now at the ripe old age of 38 so I wonder how much this may still all change....

  11. You described my life - Radio 2 and the only dancing being done is in the kitchen. Not to mention Babycham with a Brandy only (if ever!). I have turned into a middle aged woman which was never in the plan as a teenager. I love your reminiscing! X

  12. I love how you described this. I remember thinking about adulthood and it isn't anything I ever envisioned it would be. i swear it keeps changing on me and challenging me. lol Looking back as a kid I remember when I thought I would be married with kids by 20 boy am I glad i waited till 30!!!! lol THanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  13. God, you and I are SO alike!! This sounds just like me. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo :) x


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