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Saturday, 20 September 2014

10 Things I Love About the Empty Nest...

Life in an empty nestWell the girls have gone back to uni and the house is in chaos, (just the way they left it) but it's my chaos. And eventually everything will get cleaned, find a home, get donated, or flung in the bin.

I miss Olivia and Sophia a lot. I think about what they might be up to countless times during each and every day and fret that they're not looking after themselves, but there are some advantages to not sharing the house with my daughters...

1. For starters, Mr A and myself can do what the heck we want, whenever we feel like it! This often involves heading off for a long walk and ensuring that we return via the pub on the way home. What's not to love?!

2. My cute little car is always exactly where I left it and available for outings whenever the mood takes me. During the summer my car was mostly AWOL and always needed filling up with petrol.

3. There are chocolate bars in the cupboard that have been there for more than a day! And it's always a pleasant surprise to discover one, rather than an empty wrapper.

4. I can talk to the cat. And she is brilliant... loves hugs, doesn't answer back, or make too many demands (apart from tuna a couple of times per week). I don't know why we didn't have her first... just kidding!

5. My expensive shower gels and lotions are back in the bathroom. When both daughters were home, I discovered mostly empty bottles when I was daft enough to leave them lying around. Grrrrrrrr!!!

6. I can go to bed at 10pm without being told that I'm turning into a pensioner, and read as many pages of whatever I'm reading as I want without any interruptions whatsoever.

7. The size of our restaurant bill has halved! OK we might go out twice as much as we used to, but yay!

8.We get to plan our next holiday and as our daughters have been to Barcelona for a week during the summer, I'm not going to feel guilty about it! Who knows where we'll go next?

9. I have all the time in the world to write... without interruption... and that has to be my all time favourite pastime of all when the kids aren't home!

10. And last, but by no means least... private time with Mr A. All I'm going to say on the subject is this...
apart from checking into a hotel, how are you supposed to have sex with your other half when you share a house with 2 bat-eared teens?

Until next time...

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  1. Number 10 - haha - we share a house with a bat eared teen AND a bedroom with a 3 year old- it is not easy! One of the reasons I am desperate to move house is so we can have our own room again, pref with a lock and soundproofing ;)

  2. In response to #10 I tell the kids to keep it down, or play their music loud since their dad and I are going upstairs to have some quality time. lol

  3. Ha, great post. I have 1 son who is at uni and I have noticed a difference since he has been back home. I am looking forward to eating chocolate biscuits when I get home from the gym when all the other 3 are at school, without my son being in and making me feel guilty :)

  4. Sounds like heaven!! lol
    hahaha at number 10!

  5. Haha #10 has me worried... hubby and I already find it impossible! Does this mean no sex until my youngest leaves home?????

  6. Love this post, really made me smile. :) Enjoy the positive sides of your empty nest! xx

  7. Hee hee... as far as 10 is concerned, I'm always too knackered! :) :)

  8. Sounds wonderful, Izzie! Seriously it sounds like a vacation 24/7! :)

  9. haha I love #3 - that's got to be the best one surely?! ;) #brilliantblogposts

  10. Love this! I think we all dread when our kids leave home (I know I do, although it's many years off yet), so it's good to know there are some positives to it.

  11. Lucas says - oooohhh you got a bit rude at the end *blushes* he he. I'll come over and eat your chocolate bars if you want though................... #pocolo

  12. Great post as always hun. Currently writing this with half a kitchen in the lounge, 2 dogs tearing up the garden, one kitchen fitter (whose making me a cuppa) whistling away, waiting for the kid and the OH to come home. I'm rather envious of your empty nest!!! #pocolo

  13. Judging by the sounds of number 10 I need to make the most of Grace being a youngling!! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo :) x

  14. Ooh enjoy darling, sounds like the freedom is fabulous! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

  15. I've been meaning to catch up with this post in a while. Am so glad you are feeling so positive but worried that just as you are relishing your new found freedom you might be making another baby! ;) xx

  16. Still got one at home. What is this "sex" you talk about??


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