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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Moving Out

For the past four days we have been staying in Olivia's home town. Moving her out of halls of residence and staying in a cottage until the lease started on her new house. I have been without internet the whole time and this has been weird. Strangely liberating and as though I was living in a time where life stood still.

On Saturday, we were up at 3am, out of the house by 3:45 and had arrived at the uni by 8am (the motorway was virtually empty as no one else was daft enough to be up at this hour). As Sophia's at home, we decide to leave the cat in charge and hope that our youngest daughter will remember to feed her. Sophia is at a regatta for most of the weekend and decided not to join in with the mayhem of our trip 250 miles away from home.

Meanwhile, at the uni, we have to be out of halls before 10am and Olivia's organised in her own inimitable fashion. We decide to tackle the kitchen first and for those of you who are unfamiliar with the student kitchen, it has a scent all of its own. Kind of a cross between:
  • Wasn't this cleaned just six week's ago?
  • How many bin bags can we accumulate before someone caves and takes them out. And,
  • OMG, what died?
Mr A and myself tackle the kitchen in five minute bursts, this is all we can take before fighting the urge to retch. Olivia has obviously become used to the smell and doesn't seem to notice. Fortunately her room isn't half so bad.

Loading the car, it soon becomes apparent that while we can just about cram Olivia's belongings in, there is no room for our daughter. She catches the bus and we meet up in town. Mid-afternoon, we check into the cottage, unload all our daughter's worldly possessions and drive back into town to collect her.

Olivia is sad to be leaving Fresher's year behind and moving off campus. She has loved everything that living in halls represents and moves into her second year with the realisation that life is about to change all over again. There are new housemates to get to know and life in a house in town will be very different from that on campus.

Our cottage is heavenly after the crazy day we've had, situated in a peaceful valley with a stream. Mr A and myself are feeling every one of our forty-something years and are fast asleep by 9pm. Tomorrow's another day right? I am wondering only how the first year at university went so fast...

Until next time...

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  1. ahh moving is hard but amazing to finally be in your home and get things settled soon. Biggest hugs and I look forward to following your new adventures you will have and the memories you will make in the new house. Fantastic. I love moving but I am a freak. I love decorating a new space. Good luck. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  2. Oh I remember the student kitchen VERY well. My Mum and Dad sprung a surprise visit on me once in my Fresher's year and they had my Nan with them!!!! Well, her face at the state of the kitchen. She muttered something under breath (something that if I'd have said it would've been descrobed as 'pit language') and started cleaning. The best thing is she got all the lads pitching in and cleaning by bribing them with a homemade meat and potato pie afterwards if they did a good enough job. One of my favourite memories of Nan. Loved reading this post so much xxx #sharewithme

  3. Lucas says - Well, if that had been me I would have made the Mother get the bus.................. Can't see the problem with the kitchen myself. They were obviously scared to throw anything away incase if was some really important college work so kept all the bin bags there just in case!!!! The Mother says Good Luck for next year :0 #sharewithme

  4. This really brought back student memories for me! Respect to you for sorting out the kitchen - the burden we parents bear! I hope Olivia has lovely housemates and enjoys her second year! x

  5. Wow, am impressed at you getting up at 3am! You've just reminded me of that horrible bin/ kitchen smell. Yuk! Why do students just mount up loads of bin bags in the kitchen? It's gross!
    Well done on getting this logistical exercise sorted and I hope her 2nd year goes well.

  6. Ha ha! That kitchen reminded me of our student days where we fought over the last clean dish, refused to wash up because it wasn't our mess and labelled the milk (in vain). The peak of our dismay was when we found slugs invading the kitchen (I kid you not) and decided to clean up our act... Good luck - this phase is yet to come for me, so this is good prep/memory lane stuff!

  7. I remember the 1st time middle child returned to her apartment after the summer. Someone had left, goodness knows what, in a Tupperware container hidden under the chesterfield. All windows were immediately opened because the apartment stunk and hubby got rid of the entire container.

  8. I was always pretty tidy but have terrible memories of mould growing in cups of the boys I house shared with. All I can say is they must have very robust immune systems! #pocolo

  9. Haha I was thinking OMG I am going to be forty in 2 years and my son is just 6 by then. I need to give attention to my health otherwise I am not going to be a good enough mother. Thanks for sharing your stories. They are nice to read. Its like me seeing what the future will be like =) #pocolo

  10. Oh my goodness! I have all of this to look forward to. I wonder how you are going to survive the summer?! I look forward to reading with interest! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo :) x


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