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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The Blog Spot Interview - Jaime Oliver

Jaime Oliver, The Oliver's MadhouseThis week's blog spot interview features the lovely Jaime Oliver from The Oliver's Madhouse. Jaime's blog features posts about lifestyle changes, reviews and fabulous tales of family adventure with a toddler and a teen. Jaime also hosts not one, but two blog hops! Magic Moments on Mondays and Active Family on Thursdays. If you haven't come across Jaime's blog before, you should pop over for a read.

Here, Jaime shares her thoughts on being a mum, everyday life and karaoke...    

        What’s the inspiration behind The Oliver’s Madhouse?
As awful as it may sound there is no exciting inspiration in The Oliver’s Madhouse (blog that is, not family). It’s just about us. It’s not to have the prettiest pictures or to be a chart climber, it’s just about capturing our life as honestly and accurately as possible. I made a promise to myself that when I started it, I wanted a fair representation of our lives and the madness that goes round in my head… I think that’s working.

I wanted the kids to look back on the blog in the future and see what was life was actually like... and not an idealized view of what a picture may have represented.

        What’s your favourite waste of time?
Whoever invented the refresh button on social media platforms will never ever get a Christmas card from me. I am a complete sucker for the refresh button and the procrastination that it can bring, especially on Facebook and Twitter. If I need to get work done I have to come out of them, mute my phone and set time frames while working, or I would get totally carried away.

        Have you ever tried karaoke? If yes, what song? 
Oh dear goodness… it’s like you're inside my closet and dragging out the skeletons!

Yes… I have tried karaoke… badly… I am a terrible singer and it only gets worse with alcohol. Thankfully these days with age I have given up almost all drinking (I am too much of a control freak I fear). 

I have only ever sung one song. I only remember snippets of that night and from what I remember of singing, it wasn’t one I'd ever want to relive!

        Do you have any hidden talents?
I used to play a euphonium as a young teen but other than eye-rolling, my talents these days are far less exciting… verging on non-existent. Maybe I need to take up a new thing!

         What drives you completely insane?
Ungratefulness – is an ugly trait and it drives me crazy, along with dog poo on pavements, cold callers and rude folk. I think I better climb off my soapbox as I really could moan for England!

        The best book in the world is…
I would like to offer some insightful title being an avid reader; however there is one book that I’ve read that makes me cry all the way through. It’s based on domestic violence and although not my normal read, my mum read it and passed it on to me many years ago after saying it sounded like my past life.

I no longer have the book, nor can I remember it’s full title but I am searching for it again. Not to feel sorry for myself, but it makes me stronger knowing where I came from. It’s like each time I read it, it gave me a little piece of me back, if that makes sense?

        What were the last 3 things you bought?
My daughter some new pants.
A new ironing board.
Some apples… yep, I really am rock and roll!

 What advice would you give to your 16-year-old self?

Save! I was notoriously bad and spent money hand over fist until the age of 21, when I was on my own with daughter and penniless!

Take time to enjoy each day… even if it’s only for a few minutes.

Lastly, I would tell my 16-year-old self that in 10 years’ time when the option to buy my own house came along, buying a newer build will not be a financially wise move. Go for the first house you look at and snap their hand off!

        Wine – red, white or rosé?
Rosé is my fave, it has to be super chilled. Although having said that, it’s been nearly 3 months since I had a proper drink!

        Describe a typical day in your life...
Kids eat breakfast, while I get ready. I get the toddler and house straight while chasing the teen to hurry up. She finally sets off for school ten minutes before registration and then I start work.

I work from home, so have my desk in the living room so I can see Joshua and he can intermittently pass me krabby patties he has made (damn SpongeBob square pants).

While making lunch I tend to go on a cleaning spree… washing on, wet load on the line and then spend the most of the afternoon flitting from work to toddler to washing/ironing/cleaning/cooking (delete as appropriate). Hubster gets in at 2.30pm as he starts work super early and so then it’s on with prepping, cooking, sorting tea, baths, showers and toddler to bed. Then I pick up work again, often till the early hours.

It’s often about as exciting as we get, but I love it. Working from home, although it’s often harder to get stuck in with a toddler in tow, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

        Who would you like to be stuck in a lift with and why?
A lift engineer! I hate lifts and I would hate getting stuck in one even more! My borderline OCD tendencies would be going nuts, so stick me in there with someone that can fix it and fix it quick!

        What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?
In my teens I helped crew an ocean youth club yacht to Holland. We were even pulled away by a tug from an oil rig! On the way home there was no wind so we were using the engine. It developed a fault and we crept into the red markers round the base of an oil rig which was dangerous, so we were pulled back out. Although thinking about it now terrifies me. At the time it was super exciting!

Thanks to Jaime for her refreshingly honest answers and for being my guest this week. 

If you'd like to be featured on The Blog Spot Interview, please drop me an email at izzieanderton@gmail.com and I'll be in touch. It's always lovely to hear from fellow blog authors and learn more about the fabulous people who make the blogging community such a wonderful place to be.

Until next time...

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