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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Getting it Wrong

A couple of years ago I took out Life Insurance with a well-known financial institution and to this day they are incapable of getting my name right.

Just this week I have received another letter addressed to Mr A Christopher. Normally I'm pretty calm and rational about things that go wrong but after four phone calls and a letter, this will be my response...

Dear Mr xxxxxxxx

Re Plan number xxxxxxxx

Thank you for your recent communication. I enclose a copy for you to refer to with a number of amendments marked in red.

Unfortunately, as you are unable to refer to me by my actual name on any correspondence and seem incapable of using capital letters in my address, I am starting to wonder if this life policy is suitable for my requirements.

Since taking out the policy two years ago, I have made no less than four phone calls attempting to set the record straight. Each time I have been instructed that all the information on the system is in fact correct and that this won't happen again. I am starting to question whether or not I am going insane, or whether someone has changed my name by deed poll?

My financial adviser has also written to you in an attempt to rectify this, as obviously he does not wish to lose any commission that arose from the sale of this product. I'd like to think that he sold the policy in good faith.

For the record, the last time I checked, I had not had a sex change. Also, each and every document in my possession states my real name as Izzie Anderton and I wasn't aware that the use of capital letters in an address had gone out of fashion.

If you are unable to get even the basics right, then what business do you have selling life insurance to anyone? And more importantly, if I was run over by a bus tomorrow would the policy actually pay out to my family?

The ability to refer to someone by their correct name is a basic requirement when they have been good enough to do business with your company. And the very next time I receive any documentation from xxxxxxxx xxxx that incorrectly states my name, the policy will be cancelled with immediate effect.  

I hope that this letter amuses everyone in the office. Maybe now you will be kind enough to sort this out properly.

Yours sincerely,

Izzie Anderton

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  1. It is really annoying when these things happen. I think our water bill is still addressed to Mr Begani...
    Anyway great letter and I am sure they will change it now! Good luck with your very justified war on xxxxx xxx :)

  2. Aaaagh! That must be so annoying! Like the way you've put them straight here :)

  3. How irritating. Good for you sorting them out.

  4. It's so irritating to deal with careless companies such as these! I hope your letter has some impact on their grammar. #PoCoLo

  5. You tell them Izzie!!! Hopefully they'll get it right now #PoCoLo

  6. Well said that lady! Utterly brilliant letter - if this doesn't get the message through, nothing will. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  7. How annoying!! Hope they take some notice!!

  8. Oooooh I'd like to see the reply to that one! I've been getting a bit more outspoken recently too. Sadly when people reply and apologise I take pity and feel sorry for them!

  9. URGH. I hate that. I also hate it when people move house but don't bother to redirect their mail.
    I am thinking of applying to be a grumpy old woman! X

  10. Oops- should have said...#pocolo

  11. Good for You!!! I hate it when companies screw up like this. I wrote one once to my energy provider from the perspective of Lucas!!!!! I thought it was funny anyway..............

  12. Lucas says - How Rude!!!! Do you want to send me and Ash round with the NERF guns?
    Grace says - NERF guns??? I'm coming too.............

  13. My husband has twins and the bank is always making mistake about their addresses. They would send us his twin's bank letter and would use his twin's address for his insurance =P

    I think its time for them twins to change bank =P



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