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Friday, 4 October 2013

Wired For Sound

I was reminded about this embarrassing tale by the awesome MummyNeverSleeps after a conversation on Twitter about troublesome underwired bras the other day. And obviously, I felt the need to share...

It's not that I make a habit of wearing sub-standard lingerie, but on this particular morning I discovered that my best white bra was still damp in the washing machine - having been accidentally scooped up in a pile of washing the previous evening.

That morning I had a difficult meeting to get through. One where there were troublesome issues to be discussed. Naturally I wanted to appear confident and had dressed to impress. Picking out a white bra that was half-decent, but usually reserved for weekends under T-shirts, I dressed in a hurry, scooped up my notes and left for work.

The meeting started well, with both of us remaining professional in spite of everything. After a short break for coffee, we resumed our discussion, but I couldn't help notice that my colleague was taking a rather unhealthy interest in my cleavage. Although not impressed in the slightest, I carried on as professionally as I could manage and tried not to draw attention to it - thinking that he was behaving in this way to unnerve me.

I'd also noticed that the answers being given to any questions were less informative and didn't really give me the information I'd requested. I remained completely bewildered for the rest of the meeting and in the end, decided to call it a day and reconvene at a later date.

We shook hands and parted company. At this point, he was looking very flustered indeed and I was completely at a loss as to why that might be, as I'd thought the meeting had gone rather well.

Heading to the ladies to freshen up, I was completely horrified to see my reflection in the mirror. The wire from my bra had escaped and was clearly visible above the collar of my blouse. Feeling very embarrassed indeed I removed the underwire and endured a very uncomfortable day with mismatched cups.

Feeling the need to share my latest embarrassing tale with a friend, we agreed to meet for lunch. After giggling our heads off, it was she who concluded that during the meeting my colleague obviously thought I was wearing a concealed microphone. It was hardly surprising that his answers had been guarded and he was agitated.

A couple of weeks later we met again and managed to sort everything out quite amicably. As luck would have it - we don't get to see one another in a professional capacity anymore. I never did let on that a malfunctioning bra wire was to blame for his being flustered in the previous meeting. I'm still not sure that this was the right decision...but it's one I'll live with.

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