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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Onwards and Upwards

With both daughters having left for university almost a month ago, already our minds are wandering to thoughts of what happens next?

And now that the girls (and lots of their clutter) have moved out, we're throwing ourselves head first into decorating and replacing some of our well loved stuff with sleek new purchases.

Having lived in our current home for the previous sixteen years, we've lavished lots of love and attention to it during this time. Our house is filled with fond memories of our twin daughters blossoming into headstrong teens, filling the house with laughter and causing chaos wherever they happened to be.

The 'adoption' of a rescue kitten merely added to the mayhem. She had a passion for ignoring scratching posts and attacking the carpet mercilessly. In the end, we had no choice but to replace the carpet with wooden flooring. It's just as well we're completely besotted with the family pet and the carpet needed replacing anyway.

The living room has always been one of my favourite rooms in the house. We have two large leather sofas, numerous book shelves and a coffee table that, when my daughters are home is frequently buried under wrappers, mugs, glasses, DVDs and mobile phones.

Not any more... We're reclaiming the house and turning it back into a grown-up pad for two, forty-something, empty-nesters who are really rather enjoying the peace until our daughters return home for the holidays.

Since they've moved out - the coffee table is where glossy magazines, candles, and chocolate (if there's any in the house) can be found and sometimes, even the occasional wine glass. It's most definitely on my list of stuff that needs replacing.

In my wildest dreams I'd order the Vitra Noguchi Coffee Table in Black Ash (pictured above). If I was being practical however, I'd have to choose one with drawers, to hide all of the mess when my daughters come home and resume normal cluttering activities.

There are however, lots of equally stylish, sleek and gorgeous coffee tables available, designed to suit every budget.

Check out the full range here: John Lewis Coffee Tables

Disclaimer: This was a sponsored post - all opinions however, are entirely mine.

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